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United Way of Anderson County
Serving Anderson and Campbell Counties Tennessee
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UWAC Mission Statement

Improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community to create lasting change

UWAC Vision Statement

UWAC will be the organization the community turns to when seeking lasting community change. We will be a catalyst for making a significant and measurable difference in our community by focusing our limited resources to support three critical service areas: Enabling seniors to live with honor; Developing our youth and; Providing and meeting basic human needs for all of those we serve. 


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Creating Opportunites for a Better Life for All

Hiring: Executive Director, United Way of Anderson County

The Executive Director will be responsible for the professional leadership and management of the United Way of Anderson County (UWAC) and will champion the fundraising campaign and establish the vision for community impact.  The Executive Director is selected by the Board of Directors of UWAC and works closely with Board members, staff and volunteers in the pursuit of UWAC's mission and attainment of its strategic goals. Essential duties and responsibilities include leadership, management, resource development, marketing/communications, and finance/operations.

The successful candidate will possess the following: a high level of broad business and management skills; ability to generate resources and financial support for the organization; drive to create real social change that leads to better lives and healthier communities; ability to cultivate and manage relationships towards a common goal; ability to mobilize resources (financial and human) through meaningful engagement; dedication to shared and measurable goals for the common good; keen understanding of the role of Executive Director as a steward of the United Way and his/her role in growing and protecting the reputation and results of the greater network.

Education and Experience Requirements: Bachelors degree in business or related field; 3 plus years of progressive management experience, preferably in a non-profit environment; proficient understanding of financial matters and strategic planning processes; demonstrated success in developing and securing individual, corporate and community financial support; proven ability to manage, lead and develop a high performing team; ability to work effectively in collaboration with a diverse group of people and organizations; ability to command the confidence and respect of stakeholders; excellent written and verbal communication skills: a persuasive and passionate communicator.

UWAC offers a competitive compensation package, including salary commensurate with experience, paid vacation, health insurance reimbursement and participation in a 403(b) retirement plan.

To apply, send cover letter, resume, salary requirements and 3 professional references by Wednesday, February 18, 2015 to:


 *> or

 *   United Way Executive Director Search, c/o Greta Ownby

     Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce

     1400 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge, TN  37830

     No personal inquiries or phone calls, please.

What We Do

United Way of Anderson County is an organization the community turns to when seeking lasting community change. We are a catalyst for making a significant and measurable difference in our community. Those aren’t just words, but it’s our commitment to you. It’s how we ask you to measure our work. Are we making a difference? Are we impacting our community?

We focus our resources to support three critical service areas:


Providing and Meeting Basic Human Needs for All of Those We Serve

The long-term physical well-being of children and adults is vital! When we ensure that basic human needs are met, we are creating a more stable community. United Way of Anderson County is committed in supporting programs that address the basic needs of all people for food, shelter, and access to healthcare.

Developing Our Youth

United Way of Anderson County believes in providing a means of achieving important youth development outcomes, such as improved performance in school and increased literacy is essential for self-esteem, a sense of personal power and the ability to define one's life as one's own. We recognize that investing in our youth can significantly change our community’s necessity for future needs.

Enabling Seniors to Live with Honor

Like everyone, seniors want to live independently and with dignity.  United Way of Anderson County is committed to making a positive difference by assisting senior citizens in enhancing their quality of life, enabling them to live a life of respect and honor.

A gift to United Way of Anderson County is a long term commitment to the community. Underneath everything we are, underneath everything we do, we are all people - connected, interdependent, united. And when we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all. Join us as we LIVE United


Meeting the Needs of Our Community

Investments – Who do you trust?

Lydia Birk, 2014 UWAC Campaign Chair



The air waves are filled with commercials regarding which investment firm you should rely on; after all, you want to eventually retire and live comfortably and healthy and maintain your lifestyle. Yet, how much do you personally know about investing; the timing, the company’s track records, transparency, can they be trusted? There is an overload of information spinning around and for many of us, it is confusing and time consuming, so we trust our investments to the professionals.


Those of you who donated to the United Way of Anderson County and check the box to have Fund Distribution Volunteers make investment decisions are doing the same thing. Trusting educated, informed, committed people to invest your dollars where they will do the most good.  In Anderson County, we have a multitude of programs that serve the needs of youth through food programs, backpack programs, afterschool programs, pre-school programs, utility assistance so they don’t shiver at night, programs to inspire, to encourage, to challenge. And programs that address the mental and physical health of our youth. Which of these programs are most effective, which ones address the most pressing issues, which ones are transparent in managing your gifts, do you chose to put a roof over their heads or food in their bellies?


Informed community investment is United Way of Anderson County’s strength. We’ve done it for 57 years and we know what to look for, what questions to ask and how to balance the various needs that exist. We refer to this as the Fund Distribution Process. Our 32 agencies are divided across six panels, each panel addressing a particular issue such as the needs of seniors, at-risk youth, mental and physical health. Each panel is made up of five to six volunteers, people just like you, who review each agency and their programs’ goals and outcomes, their finances, their audits, their staffing and their fiscal and business management skills. After all, a non-profit business is a business that does not make a profit, yet provides an important community service using community investments.


The panel volunteers will review all the data and then make site visits where they meet the staff, tour the facilities, meet service recipients, and validate the material in the funding application. Once that is complete, the panelists come back together to discuss needs of the various services, the strengths of the agency, the outcomes of their programs. In business terms, it’s called ROI – Return on Investment.  And remember, these investments, like your financial investments will impact your future and your ability to live comfortably and healthy and maintain your lifestyle. These investments are investments in the health of our whole community.


If you have already invested in UWAC this year, thank you. If not, it is not too late, you still can donate. And if you want to be part of the panels that evaluate the programs serving Anderson County, you can do that as well. UWAC is still seeking your time, talent and treasure. We invite you to call UWAC’s Rick Morrow at 483-8431 and become a fund distribution panelist. You will only invest 10 – 12 hours of your time and you will come away feeling blessed, encouraged and hopeful for our future.


If you wish to make a financial pledge, it may be made directly to United Way of Anderson County by calling 865-483-4831 or mailing to P.O Box 4158, Oak Ridge, TN, 37831-4158.  United Way of Anderson County works to make significant and measurable differences in our community by focusing our support three critical service areas: enabling seniors to live with honor; developing our youth; and providing and meeting basic human needs for all of those we serve. 




It's not too late to make a difference in your community!


United Way of Anderson County will be accepting donations toward our goal until March 31, 2015. 

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We need your help! 

If you've already given through a workplace campaign or as an individual, Pillar ($1,000) or retiree, THANK YOU. If you haven't yet made your pledge, there is still time!


Download our 2014 Pledge Card here and fax or mail it in. Or even easier, visit our PayPal link!!


Our 32 community partners are doing wonderful things in Anderson County with the more than 50 programs we help fund. Please help support lasting change in our community by giving as generously as you can, TODAY!








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       What can you do with a dollar? It’s not enough for a cup of coffee, pack of gum or even enough for a soda from a machine anymore.  A dollar a week in the hands of UWAC community partners can change lives. “Our community partners are so efficient with their allocations. They are able to use grants, leveraging, matching and such resourceful strategies to serve more with less.” says, Eric Abelquist, UWAC Fund Distribution Chair. Have a look at what your dollars can do in the hands of UWAC’s Community Partners:

$1 per week ($52 year) can provide:

• 32 hours of after school programming for girls in Clinton with Girls Inc.

• 3 families provided garden supplies to grow $1400 of food from Green Thumb

• 3 families provided with furnishings by the Ecumenical Storehouse


$2 per week (approximately $100 per year) can provide:

• 5 children take part in the “Skills for the Future” program at Children’s Museum

• 2 children can participate in the ARC’s summer playground for children with

developmental disabilities

• 2 people receive the Kidney Early Evaluation Program from National Kidney Foundation


$5 per week (approximately $250 per year) can provide:

• 3 youth can participate in the Boys & Girls Club of the Clinch Valley Educational/Social Program

• 1 child receives the support and advocacy in the court system by Court Appointed

Special Advocates (CASA)

• 1 child with Epilepsy can attend camp for a week


If you already give to United Way, THANK YOU, if not, please consider the difference your dollar(s) can make. Together, we can touch lives and create lasting change in our community.

 UWAC and its 32 community partners with 50 vital programs address three core needs of our community: Basic Human needs, Youth Development, and the Needs of Seniors.  


See other examples of how far your $'s can go!




2014 Pledge Card

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UWAC Campaign Video

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